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the rebuild process


1. We Respond

When an event causes damage to your property, we will arrive to make your property safe. Our emergency Makesafe service provides fully qualified technicians to ensure your property is safe and secure until it can be assessed by your insurance company or their representative. This is called the Makesafe.


After the Makesafe has been completed, the assessor will inspect and evaluate the damage, they will give us the go ahead to proceed and arrange a visit from our Estimator. This will be made to suit your schedule, however, we aim to be there within 24-hours. We will provide you with specific job details such as your job number and relevant contact numbers. These details will be confirmed in writing via SMS.



2. We Assess

This is a critical step toward having your repairs carried out. Our Estimator plays an integral part in the job cycle and the approval of work. When our Estimator visits your home they will...


1. Confirm the repairs that need to be carried out, as provided by your Insurance company.


2. Assess the damage by taking measurements and photographs caused by the incident, in order to obtain a comprehensive description of the work to be completed for your Insurance company.


3. Submit a comprehensive specification and price to complete the work.

3. We Deliver

When your claim is approved, we will contact you to confirm and co-ordinate the relevant documentation to be completed via email, or by letter. This includes...


1. Authority to Proceed

This authorises Johns Lyng Group to proceed with the repairs on your behalf.


2. Scope of Work

This outlines the work to be completed at your property.


3. Domestic Building Contract

Is a formal written contract for work to be completed. This contract has been prepared to meet the requirements of the Domestic Building Contract Act and includes the relevant information pertaining to your job.


After you return the signed documents, a start date will be set pending all necessary permits. Once all relevant documentation is in place and the construction program finalised, a Johns Lyng Supervisor will be appointed. They are your site contact and will co-ordinate all work up to completion. We will keep you informed throughout the whole process and take care to restore your home to its original pre-claim condition. After completing the work and before your claim is finalised, we will ask you to complete a Statement of Satisfaction.

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