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safety recommendations

Our fire and water safety recommendations for your property and its contents...


handling water damage

DO disconnect the power at the meter box as wet carpets will conduct electricity. If the water damage is extensive, have an electrician check the property to ensure it’s safe.


DO cover soft furnishings that have not been affected by the water with clean white sheets.


DO remove books, magazines, timber furniture and any other coloured items from wet floors - in particular carpeted areas as the dye or pigment can cause permanent staining.


DO stay out of rooms where the ceiling is sagging because of retained water.

DON'T leave wet fabrics where they are - dry them as soon as possible. Leather goods should be dried at room temperature.


DON'T use your domestic vacuum cleaner to remove water.


DON'T operate electrical appliances such as the television set, radio, CD player or DVD player while you are standing on wet carpets or floors - particularly concrete floors.


DON'T turn on ceiling lights or fans if the ceiling is wet.

after a fire...

DO write down any instructions left by the fire brigade. You should have received a copy of their booklet ‘AFTER THE FIRE, THE FIRST 24 HOURS’.


DO contact your insurance company - take note of the person you speak to and any advice they provide. Inform them of your temporary contact details.


DO advise your home loan provider of the fire damage.


DO make a list of the essential items such as clothing, personal care items, cheque book and credit cards you’ll need to take to your temporary accommodation.


DO advise essential services - water, electricity, gas and telephone - that you’ve had a fire.


DO remove indoor plants from the immediate fire vicinity and thoroughly wash both sides of the leaves with water containing a mild detergent.


DO ask lots of questions to your Johns Lyng representative.

DON'T  take smoke damaged clothing, soft furnishings, upholstery or drapes to a dry cleaner - normal cleaning methods may leave the items with a permanent odour.


DON'T alter anything from the fire site unless you’ve been given approval to do so.


DON'T attempt to clean or touch hard surfaces or furniture, which has been affected by fire, smoke or water.


DON'T consume any food or beverages - either fresh or canned - which may have been exposed to heat or smoke. Be extremely careful with food that was in the refrigerator or freezer and discard if you’re unsure.

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