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Experts in Property Repair and Mitigation

Restorx Services specialise in delivering reactive and preventative restoration services for properties and contents compromised in emergency situations.

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Contents Restoration

Case-specific techniques to restore special possessions, including electronics, upholstery, documents and soft goods.

Water & Storm

Emergency water extraction and mitigation, structural restoration, drying and dehumidification services.

Fire & Smoke

Fire and smoke mitigation services for all domestic and commercial fires, electrical incidents and bushfires.

Mould & Biohazard

Building reinstatement, HVAC and pollution solutions for all types of mould, bio-hazards and air-borne pollutants.

Structural Drying

IICRC certified drying and dehumidification services that cater to the severity of your needs.

HVAC Hygiene Services

Air sanitisation, duct cleaning, maintenance and air testing services personally tailored to your commercial or residential needs.

Restoration Specialists

Experts in Remediating Contents and Structural Surfaces

Contents damage is often kept to a minimum because Restorx Services can respond comprehensively within 24 hours to most areas within Australia. Whether it’s clothing and furniture restoration, surface repairs, HVAC, mould removal or COVID-19 cleaning, our expansive delivery capability makes it possible to bring most items and surfaces back to their original condition, if not better.

Our emergency response capability allows for assistance across large-scale disasters, flood, sewage and damage clean-ups, fire repairs, structural remediation, and restoration to commercial, residential and community properties. From domestic incidents, warehouse and electrical fires to bushfire devastation, our team provide immediate assistance to ensure properties are safely secured and patrons protected.

Brands we work with

As part of Johns Lyng Group’s Insurance Division, we commonly work with the following brands to provide a seamless services deliver.