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Facilitating the Group’s services, to Regional Locations

Our brand encompasses the Group’s core service offering which ensures an extensive delivery service that combines large loss, small works and an emergency make safe response capability to regional locations.

Local Subcontractor Engagement

We always use and engage local subcontractors on all our projects, providing sole traders and small business an opportunity to grow.

Trade & Community Engagement

Local communities are actively engaged through business and personnel to not only involve, but also provide opportunities to financially support them.

Emergency Response

Emergency services that provide immediate public and property safety.

Low-cost Small Works

We deliver low-cost solutions to small scale projects, with high quality outcomes.

Sizeable Projects

Leveraging our Insurance Builder personnel and expertise, we deliver large scale commercial and insurance construction projects.

Contents Restoration

Case-specific techniques to restore special possessions, including electronics, upholstery, documents and soft goods.

Community Matters

Local Trade &
Community Engagement

Johns Lyng Regional Builders proudly service rural and country towns across Australia. With a particular focus on Insurance Building and Restoration Services, Johns Lyng Regional delivers the Group’s Makesafe, Express and Insurance Building divisions to all areas of rural Australia.

Through our partnerships, extensive industry relationships and fleet capability, we supply building services to most country areas of Australia.

What sets us apart is our ability to combine large loss, small works and an emergency Makesafe response capability to most country areas in Australia.

We are focussed on supporting the communities we engage with. Integrating our services seamlessly with local trades and liaising with all parties – Local Councils, Emergency Services, Insurance Companies, Brokers and Adjusters, ensures that clients get back on their feet rapidly. Our friendly customer service attitude is always present, despite the difficulties that we may encounter.

Through internal initiatives and local subcontractor engagement, we continue to build strong relationships in and around communities, with endeavours that provide financial support to the regions in which we work.

Brands we work with

As part of Johns Lyng Group’s Insurance Division, we commonly work with the following brands to provide a seamless services deliver.