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Your Guide to Property Restoration

Discover our comprehensive guide that equips you with the know-how and the know-who, when dealing with any property restoration process.

Our experienced team will assist you to restore your property with minimal disruption as quickly as possible.

Johns Lyng Group are the largest disaster recovery and reinstatement builder in Australia with 105 offices across the country working with local communities, Insurance Companies and local councils daily, Johns Lyng have over 2,600 Employees and 14,500 Subcontractors fully experienced in Catastrophic events such as Fires, Cyclones, Storms and Earthquakes.

From making your property safe with emergency repairs, to restoring your contents and valuable property items, we provide an end-to-end property restoration solution. Our team will assist you every step of the way.

Industry Insights

Common terms you may encounter along the way.

Customer (Insured)

A person who contracts for an insurance policy that protects them against loss of property, life, health etc.


A company that provides and sells insurance to the Insured and/or the Broker.


A Broker buys insurance policies from insurance companies and sells to the customer. Advises on matters of insurance and act as a facilitator on behalf of the customer.

Claim Manager

The person responsible for perparing a claim. Acts on behalf of the customer. Ensures the policy holders (insured are protected should they choose to seek expert advice in the process of preparing the claim.


A person that acts on behalf of an insurance company, who assesses the amount of compensation that should be gained after a person has made an insurance claim.


The supplier (JLG) is contracted by the insurance company to deliver emergency Makesafe, Restoration & Building Works.

Understanding the Claim Process