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Emergency Service Experts in Public and Property Safety

Connected to specialist trade networks, Makesafe Builders provide a full-suite service offering to make safe, build, restore or repair commercial and residential properties.

Reactive Maintenance

End-to-end management of rapid response services for reactive maintenance works.

Preventative Maintenance

Minimise future property damage via scheduled preventative maintenance.

Class A Asbestos Removal

Experienced Class A licensed asbestos removal services.

Emergency Response

Emergency services that provide immediate public and property safety.

Public Safety Protection

Site safety services to provide employee and public safety.

Capital Works

Small to large-scale insurance building services.

First Responders

Specialists in Emergency Responses

Makesafe Builders provide an immediate emergency response service to ensure the safety of residential and commercial properties. Operating 24/7, our teams are constantly on standby, ready to respond and make properties safe following damage from impact, weather, fire, and other similar events.

Connected day or night to a wide range of specialist trades, we ensure the right service is accessed for the right situation. Our vehicles are equipped with all necessary safety equipment, tools and materials needed in most domestic & commercial emergency situations across Australia.

Working closely with Emergency Services across Australia and New Zealand, Makesafe provides residents safe access to accident areas, while protecting damaged properties from further harm.

With full capability across both metro and regional areas, we now have 4 core brands that deliver a full-suite service offering for our clients, including: Onetouch Services, Project Solutions, Aztech Services and Insurance Building Services.

Brands we work with

As part of Johns Lyng Group’s Insurance Division, we commonly work with the following brands to provide a seamless services deliver.