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Comprehensive Disaster Management Solutions

Any construction and building services company today needs to provide a National delivery capability.

Here at Johns Lyng Group we are proud of our ability to deploy our teams efficiently and cost effectively across Australia regardless of location.

24/7 Emergency Services

We create dedicated 24/7 customer service hotlines for specific events so we can respond to any emergency need within 60 – 90 minute response times.

Pre-registration of Trade Resources

A bank of approved, registered trades, with pre-agreed commercial structures in place, makes a fundamental difference to speed of recovery.

Pre-disaster Planning

Our active engagement and experience with regulatory bodies makes us adaptable to policy changes to advice, guidelines or policy.

Qualified Consultants

Setting up local communities with the right skills and ensuring local touch points are the centre of management processes. We ensure we place control in the hands of the people within the community.

Recycle & Salvage

Items that can recycled should be removed and accordingly directed to appropriate recycling facilities. This has been proven to reduce costs through the reuse of appropriate materials while also reducing the impact on the environment.

Mobilisation Rigs

The rigs can be set as management and employee sit hubs or set aside as a community centre, offering showers, amenities and some much needed normality and respite from the devastation.

Disaster Management

Australia’s Largest National Disaster Responder

Our advanced project management systems, quality training programs and fleet capability facilitate effective, efficient works delivery with a superior customer service focus. We are proud of our ability to respond to a catastrophe event. Our Emergency Rigs are on standby ready for any major storm or cyclone in Australia.

Our Rigs are deployed and ready for use by our project management teams, sub contractors, and general personnel. We continue to dedicate our rigs for the public to lodge claims and as a place to sit down, or have a coffee and tell their stories. The Rigs have sat-coms capability, independent power supplies and working areas facilitating seamless works delivery.

Community Matters.

I was impacted directly as a result of the horrific fires that tore through my local community in Mallacoota, East Gippsland. Johns Lyng onboarded me to complete plumbing works to assist with the response and allow me to support my community in its time of need. I am extremely thankful for the support and assistance provided by Johns Lyng in assisting me and my community in rebuilding.”

Les – L D Bruce Plumbing

At the heart of any disaster, it is the people and the communities that are affected.


Effective recovery and repair efforts need to put the community front and centre throughout the entire process. Engaging local trades in the recovery and repair efforts is a vital aspect of community support.

Rebuilding regional communities that have been impacted by a natural disaster presents an opportunity to also rebuild the local economy. By contracting and employing local trades and suppliers where possible, insurers can help to inject money back into impacted regions, create and preserve employment opportunities and support local businesses.

Engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Disaster responders have an obligation to develop a response that is culturally safe, inclusive, and reflects the depth of which Traditional Owners can feel the damage to Country.

As such, meaningful and respectful consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in impacted regions should feature throughout all stages of the response.

Johns Lyng Group support the engagement and representation of First Nation peoples in the recovery effort via a range of measures, including comprehensive cultural awareness programs for our front-line teams.

These programs ensure our people are educated on respect for land practices and the connection to land, water and wildlife within the communities they’re operating.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are also supported to prosper through economic initiatives, including strengthening Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce participation.

Mitigating Environmental Impact.


The environmental impact of a natural disaster can be dire. It is vital that the recovery efforts do not cause further damage to the flora, fauna or history of the surrounding areas. Johns Lyng Group is committed to mitigating the displacement and injury of wildlife and destruction of native flora.

We work closely with our partners and communities to ensure that all appropriate and respectful measures are taken to protect biodiversity and habitats, including repairing priority waterways and catchment assets, and supporting the strategic translocation threatened wildlife.

Australia is rich with places of historical and cultural significance for First Nations – many of which are not marked or immediately identifiable. When entering an impacted area, Johns Lyng Group consults with Traditional Owners and relevant authorities to identify vulnerable cultural heritage sites and ensure they are protected from recovery response activities.